Bathroom Resin Products

As well as a wide range of the highest quality ceramics, we now offer the latest design technology: bespoke resin.

Needing no grouting and being totally non-porous and stain resistant, resin is very easy to clean, hygienic and keeps a bathroom looking the way it did when it was installed.

Resin surfaces do not watermark or suffer from limescale buildup.

What is bespoke resin?

Resin is a hand made solid surface material, also known as ‘cultured marble’. Each bespoke resin item is manufactured to order from stone resin allowing clients to specify exact sizes where required.

This enables the manufacture of unique, made-to-measure items including shower trays, shower wall coverings, bathroom sinks and work surfaces.

The range of finishes, from marble and granite to solid colours, abstract patterns and sparkle effects is huge. Click on any of the following examples and scroll back and forward through the sample collection.

Your Project

Contact us for more information on made-to-measure bespoke resin for your bathroom, wetroom or kitchen project. With our knowledge and experience, we can give you suggestions for design ideas that you might not have considered using these materials.


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