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Ceilings & Lighting Plastic Ceilings for Bathrooms & Kitchens

Ceilings and, particularly lighting, are factors that can often be the last consideration when it comes to designing a new space.

At JDC we offer a range of different options for kitchen and bathroom ceilings. Plastic or PVC ceiling panels are an alternative to traditional plastered or plasterboard ceilings. The PVC decorative cladding is fireproof, waterproof and easily cleaned once installed. Available in a variety of styles and colours and with some containing anti-bacterial agents to help keep your kitchen or bathroom clean, they are a great alternative to traditional materials.

The cladding, which is extremely durable, can be easily fitted over the top of any sound, dry surface. When you decide it’s time for a change, the cladding is easily removed.

Star Ceilings and Fibre Optic Ceilings

Star ceilings or fibre optic ceilings are a stylish way to add light to a room, as well as creating an attractive feature. These are available with various numbers of lights (or tails), depending on the size of the room to be lit and can be combined with colour-changing wheels and twinkle wheels to create dazzling effect.

Lighting for Bathrooms & Kitchens

Although the primary function of a kitchen may still be cooking, it increasingly serves as one of the main entertaining spaces in the home. The right lighting can introduce several levels of brightness, dramatically alter the mood of a kitchen and make small kitchens feel larger.

We have a wide range of lighting and can work with you to select the best options for your newly designed space.

Many modern fittings are adjustable, so the beam can be directed just where you want it, or spotlights can be set into the wall or under units for an extra special effect.

Likewise, there are lots of choices for your bathroom where you will want the lighting to work equally well at all times of day – bright and functional in the morning, subtle and intimate in the evening.

Spotlights add style to any room but particularly a bathroom or wet room. Flush-fitting spotlights can be integrated into your existing plasterboard ceiling or combined with a plastic ceiling to create focused lighting.

Our time-served electricians and fitters will ensure your project goes head on schedule, within budget and with a minimum of fuss. Why not pop into our showroom to see the range of products on offer. We are located on Victoria Road, Widnes or call us on 01514200705.


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