Kitchen Supply

Retail Supply

Although we offer a full kitchen design and installation service, we also offer “supply only”.

Our supply service is aimed at people wanting to carry out the installation themselves, or for those who already have an installer.

Supply only still gives you access to our design service and our experience to ensure that you buy the right products for your project.

We’ll not only help you make the right product decisions, we’ll help you plan the installation to ensure that you have everything you need. There’s nothing more annoying than finding out that you’ve not got a key component when you’re at a critical stage in the installation, with tradesmen onsite and waiting for parts!

We offer free local delivery to our Supply Only retail customers.

Trade Supply

We also supply on trade terms to businesses for kitchen hardware and related goods.

As with our retail customers, we’re happy to provide advice and guidance where this is helpful.

Local delivery is available to our Trade customers.


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